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kittens playing

We have two kittens available for immediate adoption! Please visit our Blog page for more details and photos.




Save A Cat is a no-kill non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers and dedicated to the controlling of the feral cat population in Kinston/Lenoir County through a trap-neuter program, public education, fostering, rehabilitation, and adoption.

Save A Cat believes that all cats have inherent value and worth. Such a belief requires that we work toward relieving the stresses that overpopulation and abandonment place on feral and homeless cats. To accomplish this, Save A Cat is committed to:

  • Educating our community about the peril that these animals endure if allowed to procreate indiscriminately.
  • Providing medical care for sick and injured cats.
  • Humanely trapping, spaying (female)/neutering (male), and returning feral cats to their established colonies.
  • Placing adoptable cats in patient, nurturing homes.
  • Diminishing the plight of feral cats through colony management.
  • Decreasing the feral cat population in Kinston/Lenoir County.